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The Little Light House

5120 E 36th Street
Tulsa OK 74135
United States of America
Tel: (918) 664-6746
Fax: (918) 664-2293

Little Light House Staff

Jean Winfrey

Executive Director

Jean Winfrey

Contact Jean Winfrey

Rachel Mouton

Director of Development

Rachel for Web

Contact Rachel Mouton

Julie Lipe

Director of Children’s Services

Contact: Julie Lipe

Linda Steed

Director of Global Outreach

Contact: Linda Steed, PT

Julie Wilson

Director of Therapy Services

Contact: Julie Wilson, PT

Jessica Mardis

Director of Operations

Jessica for Web

Contact: Jessica Mardis

Erin Gebhard

Fundraising and Events Coordinator


Contact: Erin Gebhard

Sharon Keenan


Sharon Keenan







Contact: Sharon Keenan

Sara Winders

Grant Writer

Sara for Web

Contact:Sara Winders

Lindsay Nozak

Waiting List Coordinator

Contact: Lindsay Nozak

Andrea Bennett

Constituent Relations Coordinator

Contact: Andrea Bennett

Molly Brooks

Community Outreach Coordinator

Molly for Web
Contact: Molly Brooks


ADDITIONAL STAFF (not pictured)

Special Education Teachers
Teaching Assistants (Associates)
Occupational Therapists
Physical Therapists
Speech Pathologists
Low Vision Therapist
Registered Nurse
Administrative Staff


Board of Directors:

  • Kim Burnett
  • Tou Chang
  • Wayne Choisnet
  • Megan Faylor
  • Arthur Greeno
  • Noell Greeno
  • Aaron Henley
  • Christina McEndarfer
  • Marcia Mitchell
  • Phil Mitchell
  • Jim Morella
  • Brian Tims
  • Eric Wendelbo
  • Denise Wright

Advisory Board:

  • Jack Babbitt
  • Jo Babbitt
  • Kim Boyd
  • Scott Burnett
  • Sharon King Davis
  • Andrea Doyle
  • Phil Feist
  • Debbie Hale
  • Ginny Hobson
  • Carole Nikkel
  • Jennifer Lamb
  • Karyl Stanton
  • David Stephens
  • Eric Winden

For a copy of the Little Light House Annual Report for the 2013-2014 fiscal school year, click here.

The Little Light House is a Guidestar Registered 501C(3) Non-profit organization. For additional information including our latest Audited Financials, click here.

For our latest IRS Form 990, click here.