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Global Outreach

Since its inception, The Little Light House has held a deep concern for the plight of countless physically and mentally challenged children across the globe. In the mid-nineties, The Little Light House was led by God to begin reaching out across the globe as designated funding allowed. Since that time, The Little Light House Global Outreach program has taken on several dimensions, all of which are having a positive impact on children all around the world.

Welcoming International Delegations
Burdened for children with special needs around the world who have little or no hope, since the 1990′s The Little Light House began reaching out to children around the world in the mid 90′s. Since that time, The Little Light House Global Outreach Program has continued to expand; welcoming visiting delegations from China, Korea, the Ukraine, India, Norway, Africa, Romania, Russia, the Middle East, and other nations. The purpose or their visits is typically to observe the operation of The Little light House and learn more about how to address the needs of children with developmental delays. Often, these international visits result in long lasting relationships.

International Outreach Training
In the mid-nineties, as a result of a financial gift to The Little Light House, earmarked for International Outreach, The Little Light House sent out a professional team to conduct the first Little Light House International Training Seminar in 1994. The Little Light House team traveled to Pakistan and since that time, through designated financing and funding earmarked specifically for Global Outreach, teams have responded to invitations to conduct training seminars in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Hawaii, the Philippines, Costa Rica, Russia, Kenya and Mexico. Utilizing their seasonal breaks, The Little Light House staff members continue to be available to conduct onsite seminars and training sessions for teachers and workers in other nations who desire to increase their skills and knowledge in working with children with developmental delays. These trips are financed entirely through earmarked funds. Donations to The Little Light House are never used for Global Outreach unless a donor earmarks a gift for that purpose.

International Intern Training Program
The Little Light House offers tuition-free training opportunities for individuals from other parts of the world, who have a heart for children with special needs. Interested individuals from other nations may submit applications to The Little Light House to become a part of this program. Interns must be able to pay their own expenses to and from the United States and must cover the cost of living expenses during their time of training. Interns are not paid by The Little Light House and are not charged for their training. International interns receive individual training and experience as they assist highly trained professional staff in a wide variety of arenas ranging from special education and therapeutic services, to administration and development.

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Christin came to intern at the LLH from Germany!

Christin came to intern at the LLH from Germany!

Hiromi Children’s Recovery Center –
In the fall of 1999, a young man named Lin Yi became the first The Little Light Houses International Interns. After completing his training, he returned to his hometown of Lou Yuan, China and established Hiromi Children’s Recovery Center, a school for children with a hearing impairment. Today the center serves children with hearing impairments and various other developmental delays. Hiromi Children’s Recovery Center has become a model for the community and region.

Up with Down –
In 1999. Frank Baxter visited The Little Light House in response to a request he received while on a mission trip to Voronezh, Russia. The request came from the Russian mother of a young boy with Down syndrome. In the letter she appealed to anyone in the United States who could help her to develop a school for her son and other children like him in Voronezh. Seeking the counsel of The Little Light House, Frank returned to Voronezh and helped the young mother establish a center called Up With Down which is thriving today!


In 2004, The Little Light House began exploring the possibility of replicating our ministry across the country, and eventually around the world. In 2006 the first LLH National Affiliate, The Little Light House Central Mississippi, opened its doors in Jackson, MS. The Little Light House vision to one day have National Affiliates across the country and around the world.

A Little Light House National Affiliate is an entity which has been approved to operate under the name of The Little Light House, Inc. It is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit ministry to children with special needs, which has been incorporated by the state in which it is located and has it’s own non-profit standing.

The Little Light House National Affiliate must comply with the standards, policies and the mission commitment of The Little Light House, Inc.

Being a Little Light House National Affiliate comes with the entitlement to attend Little Light House Training Conferences, purchase forms; procedures and curriculum materials used by The Little Light House Headquarters and rely on The Little Light House, Inc. for mentoring and guidance.

If you feel your community would be an ideal location for a Little Light House and there is a viable need for Little Light House services , you may explore the possibility of establishing a Little Light House National Affiliate by contacting Linda Steed or Marcia Mitchell at 918-664-6746.

Arranging for a Little Light House Speaker

We are always pleased to have opportunities to share about The Little Light House out in the community. Marcia Mitchell, Founder of The Little Light House and author of Milestones & Miracles heads up a Speakers Bureau of trained Little Light House speakers who will be more than happy to present a short program for your civic or church group. Groups wishing to arrange for a Little Light House speaker may do so by calling the receptionist at the front desk (918-664-6746).