Alumni Services: Legacy League

The Little Light House Legacy League was formed to create a way for individuals who have been involved over the years to remain connected with each other and with The Little Light House, even after their child has graduated or they no longer are serving as a volunteer or on the staff or board. Those involved in the Legacy League include: LLH alumni, alumni parents, staff, board members, and volunteers.

To join the LLH Legacy League Facebook group, click the picture below:

The Mission of The Little Light House Legacy League is to support The Little Light House mission: “To glorify God by improving the quality of life for children with special needs, their families, and their communities.”

The Legacy League hosts meetings on a quarterly basis in order to provide fellowship opportunities, information exchange, and to lend fund raising support to Little Light House annual events.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Legacy League or would like to be added to the mailing list, please call the Little Light House at 918-664-6746 for more information. We encourage all those who have ever been a part of our ministry since 1972 to stay involved in this way. Also, please remember to provide us with your email address or phone numbers if you move or make a change in your contact information.