Alumni Spotlight: Taylor McClain Sacrifices for TLLH

The Little Light House was so blessed this month by one of our alumni, and we just had to share.

Taylor McClain graduated from The Little Light House in 2002. She is now 16 years old and is beautiful inside and out! She surprised us last month when she and her mom showed up with a donation of $740.00. What makes this donation extra special is that Taylor decided that instead of gifts for her 16th birthday, she wanted everyone to bring donations for The Little Light House. What a remarkable young lady! Taylor’s interests include music, art, and archery. She’s on a softball team for special needs kids, and participates in the Special Olympics. Her latest activity is driving around her new golf cart she got for her birthday. And of course, like many teenage girls these days, Taylor is a huge Justin Beiber fan. Her future ambition is to be an artist.

Thanks, Taylor. We are so proud of you!

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