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Apple iPad For Special Education Needs (SEN)

Because every Little Light House classroom has an iPad, our teachers are always looking for helpful and fun apps to use with LLH students. Special needs literacy is a high priority in the classroom, so interactive book apps are a great tool for our special education teachers to use.  Interactive book apps offer unique ways to teach important developmental skills to children with special needs. looking for more information about SEN App Review: Interactive Books?

SEN - iPad Apps for Special needs Children | Matthew Reads The Monster at the End of This Book

Matthew Reads The Monster at the End of This Book on the iPad, using an iPad mount especially for him to be able to read and touch!

What makes interactive books on the iPad so effective for our students with special needs?  

First, because many of our students do not know how to read independently, they cannot read a traditional book on their own. With an interactive iPad book that reads the story aloud, they can enjoy stories on their own without having to be read to by an adult. Giving children with special needs this independence is important for their development. These techniques work great for students with Autism, Down syndrome & other delays.

Learning Disabilities Can Be Limited By Physical Disabilities

Some students have physical disabilities that make it difficult for them to turn a page. This isn’t a problem with a book on a tablet like the iPad.  In the picture above, Matthew reads interactive book The Monster at the End of This Book with the help of an iPad mount. That mount brings it close to his hands so that he can read any book on the iPad independently.  Because the book is on a tablet, he can turn the pages with a swipe of his hand all on his own.

SEN Activities On iPad

Another great feature of interactive iPad books is that on every page, there is a touch-screen activity that relates to the story.  These activities are so great for our students, because they teach an important developmental skill: cause/effect.  For example, on some pages when you touch a word or picture, the page lights up.  On other pages, you must complete a brief activity to go on to the next page.  By learning about cause/ effect through a fun book, kids with special needs can then apply this essential life skill to other areas of their lives.

Interactive book apps are a great tool for teaching skills like enjoying a book independently and cause/effect to children with special needs.  What are your favorite interactive book apps?

Check out some of these interactive books below:

We would love to talk with your family and give you a tour of our facility! Our heart is to reach the special needs (SEN) of Tulsa. Looking for more information in regard to what type of staff we have at LLH working with our students, check out our services or highly trained sen staff.

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