Fundraising Fridays: A Story of Generosity for Mini-Laps

Mini-Laps, our biggest fundraiser of the year, is just a week away.  This week, one of our parents shared this story of how one man was moved to support the Little Light House and her son. We are so thankful for his gift and all of the support we receive from those who love our students and their families.

I just had to pass on this little story! My husband works as a broker/logistics coordinator for a trucking company. I had him place a money jar with Kyle’s info on it at his work. A women there who just loves Kyle took the jar about a week ago and makes all of the truck drivers put in some change if they want to talk to her. Haha! It’s become their little joke. Today she and my husband were talking about Kyle and the LLH when a truck driver walked up. He eased dropped on the conversation and gave $100 after hearing all the info.

About an hour later he came to my husband and handed him a check. He told him that my sons story and the story of the LLH really touched him, so he made a few phone calls to verify that all the info was true. He said every person he contacted gave him their own amazing story about the LLH.

The man said he had inherited some money and has no family. He believes it is important for us to take care of each other and more importantly our children. He said in just a few short minutes he found that the reputation of the LLH was flawless.

He had given my husband a check for $1000!!!!

I know that people give all of the time, but I thought this story speaks volumes for you all. The staff of the LLH. I know for my family and myself… We raise this money to show our gratitude for all that you do. You love, guide, and teach our children; the most important person in my life. Kyle would not be the little boy he is today if you all weren’t there.

So as we thanked this man, a complete stranger, we expressed to him that his donation not only insures one more day of love, compassion, and education for Kyle. But it also helps return to you what you have done for us. I’m so overwhelmed at this mans generosity, on 9/11 non the less. But I am also humbled and in awe of your generosity and how much you all selflessly give to our children.

Words can never express what the LLH has done for us, but I hope this mans gift will help show our whole hearted appreciation.

Please pass this on, and once again thank you!!!!

When you see the check you will notice on the bottom he wrote “miracles do happen.” And I thank God for these little miracles everyday!

Mandy, mom of Kyle

Kyle’s excited about our $65,000 Matching Grant for Mini-Laps!  Click HERE to find out more about Mini-Laps 2012 and to donate to one of our amazing kids.  


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