Literacy Skills at Bible Time

At the Little Light House, we have developed our own Bible Based Curriculum (BBC) to use in our classrooms to teach our students. With this curriculum, our students learn biblical concepts and work towards the developmental goals set by the students’ parents, therapists, and teachers.  Students in the Purple Class, for example, are learning to recognize letters and identify the sounds they make.  These literacy skills are the foundation to independent reading and writing.

For each Bible story, we choose a few letters to focus on that appear in the story. When teaching the story of Abraham, we used large letters to represent each character in the story.  Each time said Abraham’s name was said, (in the story or the song) we held up a large letter A.  Every time his wife Sarah was mentioned, we held up a large letter S.  This concept can be applied to any Bible story being presented.

Miss Kate holds up Letter A and Letter S

We found that by connecting letters of the alphabet to characters in the story, the students responded to the story in a whole new way!  The students recalled the people in the story, remembered the order of events, and were excited to have a new letter introduced when a new character came on the scene.  The simple visual aid of the letters provided students with a connection that I had not seen before. Additionally, several students were quick to point out other names and words that began with one of our focus letters.

This simple concept brought exciting results to the Purple Class. We will continue focusing on specific letters during Bible time in the future. Pairing literacy skills with Bible time is a great combination.

by Kate Zerbe, Purple Class Teacher

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