GOING VIRAL: You’re an Overcomer!

If you’ve ever visited the Little Light House you know that we have 64 children who are very special. They aren’t special simply because of their physical or mental handicaps, their diagnosis’, or their their developmental delays, but rather because they are overcomers. On any given day as you walk down our hallways, you will find a certain four year old in a wheelchair, flashing his shy smile as he races his teacher down to the gym. You will find a spunky little red-head who loves to show off her outfit of the day for everyone to Carson_overcomercompliment. You will find two best friends, holding hands as they travel from one classroom activity to another. Yes, the children above may have been diagnosed with Spina Bifida, Down Syndrome or have heart defects, but you won’t see that defining them. The moment you see the joy that is so often glued to their faces, it’s hard to even see their disability. Instead, you will see the truth behind each and every of one their successes; you will see that they are overcomers.

It’s no secret that Mandisa, the former American Idol contestant and Christian Music Star, is a favorite at the Little Light House. Our kids love singing and dancing to her hit song, “Good Morning“, each and every morning. And so, it should come as no surprise that this week’s viral video pick comes from Mandisa herself. We’ve chosen her music video “Overcomer” as the video to watch this week. Just like each of our special children overcome obstacles each and every day, so do so many others out there. No matter the circumstance you’re going through, you are an overcomer! Keep your head high, your fight alive, and your faith in the one who created you, and you will soon see your victory! Grab some tissues, sit back and watch our video pick of the week!

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