“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

While still in college at the University of Oklahoma, Molly started working at the Little Light House in 2006 as an associate teacher in the Orange Class. Upon completion of her Bachelor of Science in Multi-Disciplinary Studies, she decided that the Little Light House would be home to her career and has since served as the Waiting List Coordinator, Community Relations and Events Coordinator. In May of 2011, she took over her current role as the Director of Development.

In her role, Molly oversees the Department of Development, which includes: fundraising, all LLH events, grant writing, community relations, and donor appreciation.  Through the work done in her department the word is getting out about the LLH and the doors are able to stay open through the generosity of our jumpers for sale

“I never thought I would work in fundraising. I always viewed it as a difficult job that would require a lot of stress and worry, but fundraising at the Little Light House is so different than I expected it to be,” said Molly. “I’ve found that God provides for the children through generous people who truly want to give. When I simply trust in God to bring in the funds they are always there, so I can work without worrying where our funds will come from.”

As a member of the Social Media Team for the Association for Fundraising Professionals, and having served on the board for the Christian Leadership Alliance, Molly has played a role in the success of the non-profit community in Tulsa. “It’s so rewarding to have a career that directly impacts the families of children with special needs and their ability to receive services that they need,” said Molly. “I feel like what I do enables our teachers and therapists to continue what they do best, which helps every child reach those goals.”


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