GOING VIRAL: The Kickoff


In a world where over 600 million people have laughed through “Charlie Bit My Finger,” and nearly 25% of the planet have danced to “Gangnam Style,” there is no discrediting the fact that great stories are easy to be found. Though far too often we find ourselves surrounded by messages or war, death and heartache, the world still has so much good to give. We are privileged to see it in the lives of 64 students each and every day.

“At the Little Light House we believe in hope!”

We love to laugh, sing, dance and share our joy. We know that though our students may be different than most, they have quite the story to tell. In fact, there are special people all around the world who have stories that need to be shared; and we want to invite you to be the audience.

We invite you to join with us every week as we seek out the most inspirational stories from across the globe and share them with you! Every Friday afternoon you can see the videos that left us in tears, laughing, and hopeful for the future. You deserve to hear a good message every now and then, and we can’t wait to share it with you Air Sealed Tent!

Get ready for the tears everyone, here is our video of the week!



Though Rachel may have won Homecoming Queen back in 2010, her story still inspires us today. Every year we hear of more and more boys and girls with special needs being honored by their classmates. We hope when our special little ones are old enough, they’ll be honored just the same.

We’ll see you here next Friday, friends!

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