What is GIFT?

Due to the diverse special needs of the children we serve at the LLH, our students require individualized instruction and specific goals which focus on their unique needs. For instance, a child who is visually impaired will require a much different set of instructions and materials than a child who is hearing impaired to complete or participate in an activity in the classroom. Also, children all learn at different paces and many of our students require one on one attention to remain engaged and attentive to the instruction.

For this reason, at the LLH we have put together a system titled GIFT or Guide to Individually Focused Teaching. GIFT is a system of instruction that provides one-on-one activities for a child based on goals specific to his or her unique and individual needs. GIFT draws its content from our Bible Based Curriculum and the child’s prescribed Student Action Plan.

This system effectively utilizes our staff and volunteers by providing one on one instructional time for each student. Each student has their own binder of specific activity cards which coincides with a bin of materials matching that activity. Throughout the school day, our students are receiving the exact instruction that they require in order to develop to their maximum potential. Through the instruction and assistance of wonderful volunteers and great staff, GIFT has truly become a gift to us at the LLH and to our students.

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