Thank You, Tulsa!

In 2016, we were delighted to open the doors to our newly expanded facility. This space includes 8 large classrooms, a sensory stimulation room, assistive technology room, a large therapy gym, 4 second floor training observatories and one large meeting room for training parents, college and career students, and interns, and administrative offices. Because of the additional space, we were able to increase enrollment by 50% in our developmental center. This means more children are receiving a state-of-the-art education and therapeutic services to pave the way for their future. We are extremely grateful to the Tulsa community and all of our generous donors who made this possible.

We are pleased announce that we have raised the final $2.5M to renovate our original building, which was constructed in 1990. We hope for construction to begin by late spring 2018 and it will take four months to complete. This renovation will include two additional developmental classrooms, a second therapy gym, and a large multi-purpose room for school activities, and be the home to our Family Learning Center – a dedicated space for coaching caregivers and providing resources for families with children with special needs. The Family Learning Center (FLC) will have monthly training opportunities for any family on the waiting list through our Family Learning Intervention Program (FLIP). FLIP is an established program that the LLH has offered for many years. However, our wonderful team of educators and therapists are expanding this program to include more topic-focused trainings, incorporate curriculum materials into the trainings and to offer more time slots for training opportunities. We hope that this new format will be more beneficial for our waiting list families and will provide them not only tools and techniques to help their child while he/she waits, but also to develop friendships with other families who are walking the same path in life.

The other program within the Family Learning Center will be the launch of a new Early Intervention Program (EI Program). We hope to host a pilot program starting in fall of 2018. Our EI Program will function as group classes with both the parent and child being led by a certified special education teacher and therapist. The parent is a key component of this program. We want to empower and provide them with resources and techniques to help their child reach appropriate developmental milestones based on the child’s ability. We will coach the parents as to how to best care for their child so that techniques used daily at the LLH to help our students achieve goals can be carried out in each child’s home.

The main focus at this time is securing the operating funds to hire the additional staff, there will be four EI Program classrooms with eight children accompanied by their parent as part of a 2.5-hour program twice a week per class. Once at full capacity, there will be morning and afternoon sessions each day Monday through Thursday. Funding will be the determining factor as to how quickly programs will begin.

To learn more about our Family Learning Center, click here.