Communicating with a Non-Verbal Child

One of the most beautiful things about the Little Light House is getting to discover the voice behind those often labeled “voiceless.” At times it can take months to discover what each child is trying to communicate, sometimes longer. However, there is one thing we have learned time and time again, just because a person can’t speak does not mean they do not have anything to say. We just have to take the time to learn how they are saying it.

Communication is a basic human need. It gives allowance for people to connect with one another, make decisions that affect their lives, express feelings, and feel a part of the community they live in. These communication needs are present in each of us, whether we have the gift of speech or not. Our goal is to help you to discover a communication strategy that works.

Below you will find some tips on how to communicate with a non-verbal child adapted from Friendship Circle. The following content was contributed by parents of children and adults with special needs. 

Tips for communicating with a non-verbal child

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