How to Make a Switch Adapted Toy

How to Make a Switch Adapted Toy

Join Lynda Crouch, an assistive technology coordinator at Little Light House, for a video on how to make a switch adapted toy. Added a large switch to a toy can help children with poor fine motor skills play with toys of all shapes and sizes. This is a simple DIY project that you might even have the items needed laying around the house.

Here’s what you need: Toy with a simple switch in hand or foot Speaker wire Electrical tape Scissors Wire strippers Drill (if the toy has a plastic casing) Seam ripper (if the toy is made of fabric) Solder Soldering iron ⅛” mono in-line phone jack… Batteries Screwdriver Battery tester is not necessary… Thread and needle

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Nurturing Hope: A Journey with Alyssa and the Little Light House Community

“In August 2016, Betty’s life changed upon discovering her pregnancy with Alyssa, affectionately called her ‘mustard seed.’ Medical concerns arose during the pregnancy, and a high-risk doctor warned of potential stillbirth. Drawing inspiration from the biblical phrase about faith the size of a mustard seed, Betty embraced hope and resilience. Alyssa was born premature but faced challenges in gaining weight and was eventually diagnosed with Russell-Silver syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by growth restriction. Betty found solace and support in the Little Light House (LLH), a community that became a source of hope and joy. Betty expresses deep gratitude to readers and supporters, emphasizing their role in enabling Alyssa’s education and therapy. The LLH community and its supporters provide strength, hope, and a sense of belonging to families like Betty’s.”

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