Every Child Deserves the Chance to Walk

Trexo Robotics

Little Light House staff is always researching the latest technologies and are passionate about finding solutions to help our kids be kids. Trexo Robotics hosted a giveaway on social media where the top two facilities with the most nominations receive a free Trexo for a year. Thanks to our close community of supporters, Little Light House finished in first place and will be receiving a Trexo Robotic walker for a year! Soon, children at Little Light House will have a new solution to learning how to walk.

Trexo Robotics’ mission statement is to redefine mobility solutions for people of all ages and abilities. Trexo started in 2011 when the founder, Manmeet, learned his nephew was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and would not be able to walk due to his diagnosis. This motivated the founder and his friend, Rahul, to come together and create a new solution, Trexo Robotics. The Trexo functions as an exoskeleton to help children engage in physical activity like walking.

Trexo’s are handmade and can be used by different types of children. This tool opens doors for so many children, from those with cerebral palsy to spinal cord and brain injury. Children who need the highest level of support have utilized the device, along with those who need a little push to really engage in walking and build strength. Such flexibility in usage makes the Trexo an adaptable and all-around strategic tool for kids with disabilities to experience independent walking.

Some of the facilities that competed are much larger than Little Light House, but with our community’s help, we were able to finish in first place with the most votes out of 20 other facilities.  

Thank you to all who voted and to Trexo Robotics for the incredible opportunity!

To learn more about Trexo Robotics, you can visit the links below or head on over to their website https://trexorobotics.com/  

Trexo Robotics Website

Your Child Can Walk with the Trexo Home

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