Fall Fest- Pumpkin Volcano

By: Little Light House Therapy Team

The season of fall is filled with so many fun activities! Here at the Little Light House, one of our favorite activities is Fall Fest! Every year our therapy team collaborates to plan various fall-themed activities and games that give our students the chance to work with their therapy team all at once!  This year, due to COVID restrictions, the transdisciplinary team brought Fall Fest into each of their assigned classrooms. Here at LLH, we are fortunate to have a team that is able to work so closely together and help support our students in every aspect of development. Within this one lesson, our therapists and teachers were able to work on speech and language, fine motor tasks, sensory play, and gross motor tasks, all while playing with pumpkins! Our students loved it!

The schedule went as follows:

  1. Let’s talk about pumpkins!
  2. Mini-Pumpkin Game
  3. Time for the main activity- a pumpkin volcano!
  4. Sensory Play

For complete instructions on how to do the activities at home or in the classroom, view the PDF below!

Fall Fest Activity Instructions

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