Our Story will stir your heart and strengthen your faith

In the early 1970’s, Phil and Marcia Mitchell and another couple who were also parents of visually impaired infant, began a search for professional expertise that could provide the early intervention needed to help their daughters develop to their maximum potential. Aware that the early years are the most important learning years in a child’s life, these young parents were motivated out of a great sense of urgency!Finding no one in the Tulsa area providing such services, the families responded to a calling from God to establish a much-needed program. They were embarking on a journey that would change not only their lives, but the lives of thousands of children with special needs in the years to come.

On October 3, 1972, only five months from the day they had begun to dream of this special program for their children, the doors of The Little Light House, opened, evidence of a miracle and God’s blessing and grace.

It was a humble beginning to say the least. The founders had raised $3,000 to launch the endeavor. A small, white frame house provided rent-free was the first home for the new school. A young woman, fresh out of college with a heart’s desire for these children, served as the school’s first teacher. She was assisted by five dedicated volunteers to work with the five children initially enrolled in the highly individualized program.

Within nine months the student population had tripled. Only a year and a half later, professionals in the field were referring to the school as a “model program within a six-state region.” This was an early forecast of things to come. More than three decades later the ministry became nationally renowned as was evidenced in 1991, President George Bush named The Little Light House the nation’s 536th Point of Light and in 2003 when Little Light House was named Outstanding School of the Year by the International Christian Accrediting Association.

In 2013, the Little Light House received the ONE award after being named Oklahoma’s top nonprofit by the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. The LLH continues to serve families of children with special needs such as autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and many others in a unique program that offers special education and therapy services. The mission of the Little Light House is “To glorify God by improving the quality of life for children with special needs, their families, and their communities.” Remaining true to the mission the Little Light House continues to serve children on a completely tuition-free basis. To read more about the services that students at the Little Light House receive, visit the Services page.

The entire miraculous story of it’s development and history is captured in the book Milestones & Miracles. Authored by Marcia Mitchell, the LLH founder, the book has been hailed as a faith booster and a book which is life changing. Paper back copies are available at the Little Light House.

Little Light House founder, Marcia Mitchell’s newest book, God’s Work – God’s Way is now available for purchase! This book is perfect for the business owner looking to operate according to God’s principles without compromise.

You can purchase the book online through Amazon or in the LLH Gift Shop.