Leave a Lasting Legacy

Did you know that you could make a gift to the Little Light House that will impact future generations of children with special needs by naming the LLH as a beneficiary in a small percentage of your estate plans? Those who choose this commitment are what we call Path Lighters – as their generosity will light the way for children with special needs for generations to come. Your plans can make LLH’s future bright! 



Because we care…

Whether you are young or old, estate planning is an important step to take when considering the future for you and your family. In keeping with the Little Light House’s mission to glorify God by improving the quality of life for children with special needs, their families, and their communities, we have partnered with the Tulsa Community Foundation and The Advancement Group to provide FREE financial and estate planning for friends, families, and staff of the LLH. Mark Loeber, CEO and founder of The Advancement Group, can help you become aware of strategic stewardship opportunities that can help you plan for your future, your family’s future, as well as organizations you passionately support.

Take the steps today to deliver peace of mind for you and your loved ones – knowing they will be cared for according to your wishes if the unexpected was to happen. Contact our planned giving office to take advantage of this complimentary service at development@littlelighthouse.org or (918) 664-6746.




We are Legacy Tulsa:

The Advancement Group is the planned giving office for the Little Light House, Tulsa Community Foundation and over 60 other nonprofit organizations in the greater Tulsa area through a partnership program designed to assist organizations in building endowment.




As the planned giving office for these nonprofits, The Advancement Group plays a key role in providing education on behalf of Legacy Tulsa.  As Legacy Tulsa energizes people from the greater Tulsa area to become a part of a movement, The Advancement Group is a resource to help them accomplish their family, financial, and philanthropic goals.  To learn move, please visit http://www.legacytulsa.org/tag/ or contact us at development@littlelighthouse.org.

Examples of Planned Giving Options:
Charitable gift annuity
Charitable remainder trust
Charitable lead trust
Retirement plan assets
Life insurance policies

Already a Path Lighter…

Have you already completed your estate plans? Is the Little Light House listed as one of your beneficiaries? If so, we would love to know! Each year, we honor our Path Lighters at our annual Cornerstone Club Dinner. Our Path Lighter friends are very important to us.  Your commitment to the future of the Little Light House and the precious children who will walk through our doors will be greatly appreciated.

If you will please complete this Confidential Statement of Bequest Intention  form and submit it to The Advancement Group at 7315 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74136, this will help the LLH budget for the future. When you submit the document, you can select to have your name and/or gift value remain anonymous. If you select to be anonymous, the LLH will receive notification that a new donor submitted the form, but we will not know the information you requested to be anonymous. Please know that we understand each stage of life has different financial demands. By completing this form, you are not confirming an irrevocable gift and you can change your estate plans at any point.

Path Lighters: A special thank you to our faithful supporters for dedication to the Little Light House’s future.

Alan & Justine Anderson
Jack & Jo Babbitt
Nathan & Cami Barney
Ronny D. & Lisa Bedford
Gary & Lacey Blankenship
Scott & Kimberly Burnett
James & Angela Butler
Kempton & Rachel Cavin
Juan & Emilia Cruz
Garrett & Samantha Decker
James Brad & Brooke Dooley
Ryan & Lacy Flanary
Ronald & Linda Fox
Brian & Samantha Franklin
David & Colony Fugate
Eric & Lauren Gebhard
Herald & Deborah Given, Jr.
Nicholas D. & Cynthia G. Gould
John K. Harris
Patricia Hawkins
David & Aleecia Hibbets
Daniel Lee & Ginny Hobson
Joseph & Katy Hough
Joshua & Michelle Jacobs
Douglas Taylor & Alice Johnson
Roy L. & Dana Kerns
Jeremy & Laura Knapp
Kris & Taryn Ledford
James & Kalyn McKenzie
Olivia Melton
Justin & Angela Meyers
Phil & Marcia Mitchell
Mark & Nancy Morelli
Glen & Stefanie Olson
Seth & Brooke Peck
Thomas & Anne Perrault
Mark & Margaret Shelton
Barbara Sicka
Daniel & Terry Smejkal
Paul & Giulia Seikel
Linda D. Steed
Donald & Julie Walsh
Beth Wheat
Alan Stroup & Julie Wilson
Keith & Jean Winfrey
Tim & Judy Wolf
Scott & Michele Young
Anonymous (8)