Lindsay Nozak
Lindsay Nozak

Director of Events and Marketing

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Phone: +1 (918) 664-6746

Director of Events and Marketing since 2017, Associate Teacher 2008, WL Coordinator 2012
Lindsay has nine years of experience in both Special Education and Administration at the Little Light House. Lindsay joined the LLH staff in 2008 as an Associate Teacher serving four years in the classroom. She became the Waiting List Coordinator/Administrative Assistant to the Director of Education for three and a half years before moving into the Events Coordinator position. Lindsay’s love for the children of the Little Light House began in the mid 80’s when her adopted brother attended the LLH as a student. Once on staff overseeing the waiting list, her heart expanded to serving not just the children, but their families as well. She is passionate and committed to using her administrative skills to further the ministry’s growth and serve more families by enhancing the LLH annual events and presence in the community.