Third Party Fundraisers



The staff at the Little Light House is amazed by the outpouring love and support of the Tulsa community! We appreciate it when companies, organizations and clubs chose us to be the beneficiary of various activities hosted by their group.  At the LLH these fun and unique activities are called third party fundraisers.  To ensure the integrity of the LLH logo and prohibit the over-utilization of advertising via the LLH social media, we have specific guidelines and procedures for third party fundraisers.  Below is a link to our fundraising policy. LLH Fundraising Policy

We want everyone to know that we LOVE our community and the support given, so we’ve created this page to show a list of upcoming third party events.  If you are planning to host a third party event and would like it listed on this page, please email us with the name of your organization, the name of the event, date, time and location.  If there is a link to your event, please send this as well.

Contact: Lindsay Nozak
Director of Events and Marketing



Thank you so much for choosing the Little Light House! Because we do not charge tuition or receive any federal or state funds, we rely on the generosity of folks just like YOU! Thank you for helping to make a difference in the lives of the children at the Little Light House.