Waiting List

The Little Light House currently has over 200 children on a waiting list, which typically means children wait approximately 2-3 years before enrollment in our program. We encourage parents who want to place their child on the waiting list to not be discouraged by this, as we have services for our waiting list families and the wait time could be less than expected. Your child will be placed on the waiting list the first day you contact the Little Light House. Next you can download the application and we will contact you regarding a tour of our facility.

Please contact Laura, our Waiting List Coordinator, today!

Email:  waitinglist@littlelighthouse.org

Please keep The Little Light House informed of any change of phone number, email address or street address.  We need this information to stay in contact with you about your child’s status on the waiting list.

Waiting List Application for Children’s Services

Click the link below to download the application for Children’s services at the Little Light House:

Application for Children’s Services

F.L.I.P. – Family Learning Intervention Program

F.L.I.P. is a program geared at equipping and educating parents of special needs children who are on our waiting list. We host a meeting once a month focused on answering your questions and directing you to resources in order to help your child. Meetings are conducted by a certified Special Education Teacher and our Director of Children’s Services with appearances by some of our licensed therapists. Children are welcome as we have activities each month relating to our Bible Based Curriculum. If you are on the waiting list, this is a great way to meet other families in the area, begin introducing your child to the Little Light House, and ask experts questions you have regarding your child and their development.

Waiting List Families Facebook Group

Looking for another way to connect with the Little Light House and other waiting list families? Check out our Waiting List Families Facebook Group by clicking on the picture below!