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We know you want your child to live their life to the fullest. But right now, you’re struggling – and you’re feeling defeated because you don’t have the resources to improve the outlook for your child. You need help.

We're here for you

At the Little Light House, we see the potential in every child. We also know the strength in you. We promise to surround you with love and give you tools to ease your burden. Our staff is skilled and equipped to provide you and your child the care you deserve.

Where the world sees a diagnosis, we see a child.

At the Little Light House, our goal is to help children, from birth to six years of age, with physical and mental challenges. 

We believe every child is born in the image of God, beautiful inside and out. Though they may have challenges and delays, they deserve every opportunity to succeed and live a meaningful life.

Each child has a purpose and potential, which is why we open our doors to families of all walks of faith.

If your child is experiencing developmental delays, we want to help you.

Help comes in many forms.

One of the many wonderful aspects of the Little Light House is that help is always nearby. Monday through Thursday, we provide hands-on education, therapy, and support for children and their families.

Whether you’re down the street or across the globe, we are here for you now.

We want to help you.

Step 1

Contact Us

We want to get to know you and better understand your needs.

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Tour our Facility

See first-hand the impact of best-practice tools paired with compassion

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Get plugged into all the resources and support we offer

We promise to...

Provide expert & quality care.

Ask God for help and follow his guidance.

Provide a safe, loving environment.

Listen to you.

Help you build a community of people who understand.

Believe in your child and their bright future.

Helping Kids Be Kids Podcast

Free Resource Podcast

With few resources for parents of children with special needs, it can be stressful, frustrating, and can leave you feeling alone. With the Helping Kids be Kids podcast, parents and caregivers can find solutions and resources to help you understand your child, build confidence, and enjoy parenting.

Common Questions

Your child will receive physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, assistive technology interventions and low-vision therapy while in class at the LLH. We encourage you to continue your child’s outside therapy which is clinically based for interventions more medically focused.  Our LLH therapists collaborate with community therapists regularly so that interventions complement each other.

We have a waiting list for our Monday – Thursday  preschool developmental center classrooms. The waiting list for this program is 2-3 years, however we have created programming to fill the gap as you wait for placement.  

No. Because of each child’s highly individualized needs, all food for lunch is provided by the child’s family. LLH does provide snacks at school.

Each classroom has 1 certified teacher and 2 teaching assistants for 12 children (1:4 adult to student).  LLH heavily relies on volunteers to help students grow.  It is typical to have at least 1 regular volunteer in each class daily.  In addition, LLH utilizes college and career students whose university or college is partnering with us for professional training within the classroom.  This too provides extra hands, eyes, feet and voices to engage students in learning.

That’s okay! We will partner with you to ensure children have a positive learning experience.  Classrooms create routines that foster each child to be active learners, have fun and rest when they need to.  

We do not provide transportation to or from school. 

Children are in class Monday through Thursday from 8:30-1:15.

We provide services to children ages birth to 6. At age 6, your child will graduate the program. If your child turns 6 in the middle of the year they will complete the school year before graduating. We partner with Oklahoma Parent Center to help with your transition to public schools. 

Together, we can make a difference

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Give once or give monthly to support our families.

Give Time

Give our kids immense joy when they see you come in.

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Help our kids show off their improvement and confidence.

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