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Molly Smith

Executive Director

Molly Smith has served the Little Light House through various roles and departments since 2005. After receiving her B.S. in Multidisciplinary Studies from the University of Oklahoma, she started her career at the Little Light House and fell in love with the children and their families. Molly believes that the Little Light House is only possible because of the strong community that surrounds it. As the Director of Development and then Senior Director of Advancement, Molly has helped the Little Light House grow to where it is today by creating strategic fundraising plans, growing and nurturing constituents, and praying for provision daily. As Executive Director, she plans to come alongside the staff and community to serve our special students according to the mission every day. She believes that if we put our faith in God and serve our families with excellence, that He will provide every time. Molly is mom to two energetic boys, a novelist, and loves to spend time with her family outdoors. You can always find her with a cup of coffee and a friend, and she hopes that next time that friend is you.

Leadership Team
Georgia Canady

Senior Director of Development and Events

Georgia completed her Bachelor of Arts in Organizational and Corporate Communication from Oral Roberts University. She was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is thankful to have been raised in a city where giving is a primary focus. She joined the Little Light House staff in 2020 and has served as the Director of Events and Development during her time here. Georgia has been in the non-profit world for over eight years. Before serving as Senior Director of Development, she was the Executive Director for the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Oklahoma and Arkansas. Georgia is honored to be a part of the Little Light House team. She is passionate about demonstrating the mission of Little Light House, which is to “glorify God by improving the quality of life for children with special needs, their families, and the community.” Georgia’s goal is to represent Little Light House students in our community while connecting our donors to the mission of Little Light House.

Brittany Gartner

Senior Director of Children and Family Services

Brittany completed her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2013 from Arkansas State University. Before joining Little Light House, Brittany gained incredible experience in the outpatient pediatric setting where she received special training in orthotic management, seating and equipment! She served Little Light House as a Physical Therapist for 5 years before transitioning into the Director of Therapy role. Brittany has a love and passion for children with special needs and for parent education. She believes all children deserve to be celebrated and that all parents deserve to be confident, empowered caregivers. She loved her time as a classroom therapist and is excited about following the Lord’s call to move into this leadership role to serve our students and families in a new role.

Michelle Talbot

Senior Director of Operations

Michelle received a Bachelor of Social Science from Northeastern State University.  She has worked for large manufacturing companies for most of her corporate career, starting with General Motors for 12 years and most recently, Nonni’s Foods for 9 years.  While her background includes leadership roles and responsibilities in the Supply Chain and Operational areas, she is most passionate about the opportunities she has had to lead and develop people and teams.  Michelle believes that strong team members are a company’s number one asset and should be developed and nurtured.  Michelle is so happy to be here at the Little Light House serving the Human Resource & Finance functions.  She believes that all children are special and inherently valuable and supporting them through the work here at the Little Light House is such a special opportunity. 

Lucas Alexander

Senior Director of Outreach

Lucas joined the Little Light House team in July of 2020. The Lord led Lucas from being a professional musician and educator, with a Masters of Music, to help transform Little Light House’s public appearance. He has worked with many non-profits providing marketing consulting, photography/videography, branding, and more. Lucas is excited to help spread special needs awareness and help Little Light House become an internationally recognized authority.

Jodi Howe

Director of Family Learning Center

Jodi Howe graduated from Rhodes College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and then received a Master’s of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of North Carolina in 2014.  Prior to Little Light House she worked as an occupational therapist in pediatric outpatient clinics and home health settings.  She then worked for five years as an occupational therapist in the developmental center at Little Light House. Her focus and training include sensory processing, positive behavioral supports, and using children’s passions and interests to fuel their visual and fine motor development. In 2021 she followed the Lord’s call to the position of Director of Family Learning Center and is humbled and excited to continue to serve families and students at the Little Light House from this role. 

Katie Vinyard

Director of Finance

Katie Vinyard completed her Master’s in Business Administration from Cornell University, graduating in the top 10% of her class. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Tulsa, specializing in theoretical mathematics. Her professional experience includes work in finance and supply chain at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Hilti, Inc.. Katie is originally from Tulsa, OK, and became connected with Little Light House as a volunteer in high school and college. She believes all humans are inherently valuable and is passionate about Little Light House’s mission of “glorifying God by improving the quality of life for children with special needs, their families, and the community.”

Jordan Allison

Director of Therapy

Administrative Staff
Sharon Keenan


Mindy Mason

FLC Receptionist/Family Programs Coordinator

Tracy Goins

Executive Director Assistant and Board Liaison

Molly Willis

Children Services Coordinator

Macy Basquez

Waitlist & Enrollment Coordinator

Gracie Smith

Social Worker

Kenna McCully

HR Manager

Lindsay Canady

HR Coordinator

Sara Emery

Volunteer Engagement Manager

Meg Einer

Development Assistant

Taryn Ferrel

Events Manager

Shelby Cinanant

Grant Writer

Ann Chinworth

Outreach Manager

Hannah Jimenez

National and Global Advancement Teacher & Academy Writer

Emma Blystone

Creative Coordinator

Anna Hanisch

Creative Assistant

Cassidy Corbine

Database Coordinator

David Birky

IT Systems Administrator


Calvin Strope

IT Technician

David Strickland

Facilities Manager

Therapy Team
Chris Staub

Lead Nurse

Paula Brice

Nurse Associate

Jamey Fox

Physical Therapist

Nikki Cutright

Physical Therapist

Alyx Calvert

Physical Therapist

Brooklyn Smith

Occupational Therapist

Breann Carver

Occupational Therapist

Riley Horton

Speech-Language Pathologist

Lindsey Kehr

Speech-Language Pathologist

Stephanie Decoster

Therapy Associate


Therapy Dog

Educational Services
Kyla Beasley

Aqua Class Lead Teacher

Heather Sluka

Aqua Class Associate Teacher

Becky Woeppel

Aqua Class Associate Teacher

Taylor Pruitt

Blue Class Lead Teacher

Emily Casella

Blue Class Associate Teacher

Madison Donohue

Blue Class Associate Teacher

Lesley Scott

Coral Class Lead Teacher

Rachel Brown

Coral Class Associate Teacher

Kristen Neary

Green Class Lead Teacher

Susi Cochran

Green Class Associate Teacher

Beth Watson

Green Class Associate Teacher

Michelle Morris

Jade Class Lead Teacher

Gabby Finley

Jade Class Associate Teacher

Jackie Sigala

Jade Class Associate Teacher

Lauren Sicka

Orange Class Lead Teacher

Hannah Sluka

Orange Class Associate Teacher

Madison Smith

Orange Class Associate Teacher

Kellie Keim

Pink Class Lead Teacher

Kirk Shaffer

Pink Class Associate Teacher

Hannah Ball

Pink Class Associate Teacher

Madi Fielder

Purple Class Lead Teacher

Amairanie Baltazar

Purple Class Associate Teacher

Haley Patton

Purple Class Associate Teacher

Emily Gibson

Red Class Lead Teacher

Tatum Everett

Red Class Associate Teacher

Wendy Kise

Red Class Associate Teacher

Devin Estrem
Yellow Class Lead Teacher
Tina Morris

Yellow Class Associate Teacher

Dillon Smith

Yellow Class Associate Teacher

Cheyanne Peterson

Early Childhood Learning Specialist

Kaley Gartner

Early Childhood Learning Specialist

Sandy Carnes

Early Childhood Learning Specialist

Sherry McGrath

Early Intervention Associate Teacher

Mindy Cash

Connected Learning Manager 

Sheryl Wedel

Floating Associate Teacher

Koya Cunningham

Floating Associate Teacher

Katie Snyder

Floating Associate Teacher

Anne Freel

SKIP Lead Teacher

LaShondia Horn

SKIP Associate Teacher

Holly Fellinger

SKIP Associate Teacher

Marilyn Gonzalez

SKIPPIES Associate Teacher

Marsha Fritz

SKIPPERS Associate Teacher

Faith White

SKIPPERS Associate Teacher

We strive to bring out the best in you.

Little Light House is committed to hiring individuals who are committed Christians dedicated to glorifying God in their individual life through utilizing their gifts, talents, and expertise to further His kingdom.

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