Stories of Impact Hope

Meet Rylee

Rylee Smith flourished at the Little Light House despite being born prematurely with a rare genetic condition. The nurturing environment and tailored resources led to remarkable progress.

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Jamison’s Journey

Jamison’s special needs emerged months after birth, leading to a four-year quest for answers, involving specialists, testing, and relocation to Tulsa for better resources.

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Meet Ethan

At two months, Ethan was diagnosed with Complete Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, but thrived with proactive therapy and the support of Little Light House, showcasing profound impact.

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Alyssa’s Journey

Betty’s pregnancy with Alyssa, her “mustard seed,” brought medical concerns, but she embraced hope. Alyssa, diagnosed with Russell-Silver syndrome, found support at Little Light House.

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Meet Easton

During pregnancy, a parent learns their child, Easton, will have Down syndrome, facing fears and health challenges at birth, finding solace in Little Light House’s support.

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