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If caring is your passion, welcome home.

At the Little Light House, we’re committed to helping children with special needs live life to the fullest. The truth is, we can’t do it alone.

Your time can make a difference in the lives of our children. Our volunteers are a committed group of people who want to help our kids succeed.

Our volunteers are trained and plugged into the area that they can serve best. Whether in the classroom, helping at an event, or using a particular skill or talent, there is something for everyone.

Ways to Volunteer

Classroom or Admin Volunteer

Volunteers who spend one day a week at Little light house can make the biggest impact. Sign up for Orientation to get started. 

Groups and Special Projects

If your company or group wants to make a difference, we have opportunities for you.   

College Observations, Internships, etc.

If you are a professor looking for an opportunity for your students, or a student looking for an internship or observation hours, we have you covered. 

What it means to volunteer


We have many opportunities for companies to get involved. We would be happy to customize an experience for your company that fits within your needs.

 Yes. If you need hours, we would love for you to get them here. All volunteers must go through a training and pass background checks to be allowed in the classrooms.

All volunteers attend an orientation, complete an application, and complete a background check to be allowed in the classrooms.

 We work with many students who are looking for internships. We would love to plug you in to an internship that meets your needs.

 The typical classroom volunteer arrives at 8:00 and leaves at 2:00. We also have administrative tasks and events that we use volunteers for, and the hours can vary for those  

Together, we can make a difference

Give Money

Give once or give monthly to support our families.

Give Time

Give our kids immense joy when they see you come in.

Sponsor an Event

Help our kids show off their improvement and confidence.

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