Jamison’s Journey

In their journey, the family discovered Jamison’s special needs months after his birth, leading them on a four-year quest for answers involving specialists, testing, and persistent efforts. Two working diagnoses eventually emerged. Initially residing in rural Kansas, they relocated to Tulsa when Jamison was nine months old to access more resources. Introduced to the Little Light House through a family friend’s recommendation, they joined the waitlist and benefited from the Early Intervention program while waiting. After three years, they received an invitation to join the Aqua class, marking a heartfelt and joyous welcome. Little Light House became a place where Jamison felt genuinely loved, fostering a community focused on the best interests of the children. Despite the challenges of grieving and navigating specialists, therapists, and financial difficulties, the family found unwavering support at Little Light House. Jamison, though different from their initial expectations, is celebrated as a special, intelligent boy with a unique purpose and a promising future.

We didn’t realize our child had special needs until months after his birth. Jamison began missing developmental milestones, prompting our search for answers. This search was challenging and took nearly four years, involving numerous specialists, extensive testing, and requiring immense patience and persistence. Eventually, we received two working diagnoses. 

When Jamison was born, we were living in a small, rural town in Southeast Kansas. When he was nine months old, we decided to move back to Tulsa to access more resources. It was during this time that we learned about the Little Light House. My grandmother’s friend, who had family attend many years ago, recommended it to us. We visited the facility and immediately joined the waitlist. While waiting, we also benefited from the Early Intervention program, which provided valuable resources and the comforting knowledge that we weren’t alone. 

After about three years on the waitlist, we received the call for an interview to join the Aqua class. This was a true blessing. On the first day of class, I was moved to tears not because I was leaving my son at school, but because we were greeted with an enthusiastic cheering squad of teachers and volunteers exclaiming, Jamison! We are so excited to see you! 

It was a unique and heartwarming experience to walk into a place where my son was genuinely loved. Little Light House is a community where everyone has our child’s best interests at heart, and they work together for the greater good of these children. 

This journey has been incredibly challenging. We’ve had to grieve the loss of the child we initially expected and come to terms with the uncertainties of the future. We’ve navigated through numerous specialists, therapists, procedures, and financial difficulties. 

However, we have not walked this path alone, and Little Light House has consistently demonstrated its support. While our son may not be the child we initially imagined, he is a special, intelligent boy with a unique purpose and a promising future. 

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