Volunteer Appreciation: Meet Keith!

In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Week, meet our friend Keith!

Keith is an alumni of Little Light House who has Cerebral Palsy. While attending Little Light House, Keith challenged himself to begin using an “eye-gaze” device, a computer that tracks where his eyes look on a screen, allows him to select a letter by focusing on it, and then generates speech for him based on what he has typed. “Little Light House gave me my voice,” Keith says. “It’s allowed me to be me, and my family couldn’t be more thankful for what the teachers, therapists, and my whole team gave me.”  

But his story didn’t stop when he graduated from Little Light House. In elementary, middle, and high school, Keith participated in the gifted program at school, was elected as student council President, and ran a lemonade stand that raised roughly $150,000 for Little Light House’s new building!  

These days, Keith is quickly finding his place in the community. “I am the Premium Suites Level Usher at Tulsa Drillers Baseball stadium, and I got the job totally independently,” Keith says. “My workplace does an outstanding job including me in the work environment, and the staff treat me like a regular human being which has been wonderful!” Along with his job, Keith volunteers weekly in Yellow Class at Little Light House. The students love him, and he is a valued Little Light House team member! Keith says he volunteers to “give back to the amazing community that made me, me.” 

We are so proud of Keith and grateful for his service to Little Light House!

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