Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy Facts

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a neurological disorder that affects body movement, postural control, and muscle coordination and tension.

CP is caused by improper brain development or brain damage before or after birth. Cerebral refers to the brain and Palsy refers to difficulty with muscle use.

CP exists on a very wide spectrum, and many areas of development may or may not be affected (i.e. small and large motor skills, speech, vision, sensation, intellectual skills, self-care skills). The brain injury does not progress, and regular, early intervention can help prevent secondary problems from developing.

We love getting to see children with CP grow and flourish! Assistive technology supports, such as speech generating devices, walkers/wheelchairs or adapted feeding/writing utensils may be beneficial as children develop and work toward meeting goals and milestones. Special education strategies and opportunities will maximize learning and socializing with friends!

Children with CP overcome challenges daily! Early intervention is key as the brain is most easily influenced and redirected by therapy and educational services during the first three years of life.

“Kids with CP are just that- kids! They just need a little extra boost in learning to move about in their world, to communicate effectively, to be as independent as possible in play and self-care, to learn about their world, and have lots of fun with their friends!”

- Julie Wilson, PT

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